Thursday, December 13, 2012

Abang Burn Burger Bakar @ Rock Cafe & Bandar Sunway & @Tanjung Village Food Court, Sunway Giza

Woahh at last I completed 75% of my exam ! 3 down one more to go :D heheee 2 weeks ago we celebrated Cindy's birthday and watched Breaking Dawn after class. Breaking Dawn was AWESOME!!! The AWESOMENEST twilight saga everr! I love perfect live-happily-ever-after endings :D After the movie anqi and me went to the Rock Cafe outside Sunway University to try on the Abang Burn Bakar!! :D Googled and found that this Abang Burn Burger bakar is quite famous after the well known Kaw Kaw Burger therefore we gave it a try. Not disappointed at all!! :D

Ordered and this given this while waiting :D

Yummmmyyy !!! Looksss so tempting!!!! This is the Burn Kambing Bako I choseee!!! Super tempting and the cheese oozing out from the inside makes me so eggcited >< Guilty Pleasure. I add on the cheesy sausages too. Superb!!  

The sweet onion rings came with the burger :D

It tasted heavenly I love how the burger is constructed with a think lamb juicy tender patty :D It tasted so heavenly even with one layer of cheese lol. I dunt think I can handle it if I add the more layers of cheesy sauce>< Overalll it was certainly worth trying and surely I would go back for another round :D

The other burger chosen by Anqi would be the Supremo Special Chicken with Turkey Ham!! It looks so heavenly too with luxurious amount of cheesy sauce and they have this onion rings and turkey ham stuffed inside the burger bakar. Tasted awesome also but I prefer my Burn Kambing Bako more hahaa My kambing patty was more tender and I dont like the onion ring soaked in the cheesy sauces making the taste a bit disgusting haha I prefer dry fried onion ring more. :P

One more thing would be the difficulty in handling this Supremo Special Chicken. Haha Everything would be a mess as its chicken patty and turkey ham are quite difficult to bite, not due to its hardness but due to its strong connective fat tissue that makes me frustrated haha but it still tasted heavenly compared to Mcdonald. lol

Me!!! :D

My kambing burger bakarrrr!!! :D I wanted to try this again!!! :D


After trying this Abang Burn Bakar with anqi I wanted to bring my boyfie to have a try on it tooo! We found a nearer Abang Burn Burger Bakar shop at Sunway Giza therefore I brought him there again in just 2 days hahaha

We went to Tanjung Village Food Court for my second round of Abang Burn Burger Bakar again and found the fact that the quality of the burger bakar varies in different shops. This is the same Kambing Bako I ordered in Rock Cafe but it looks a little bit different loll 

The lamb patty from this shop is quite tough compared to the tender ones in Rock Cafe but overall still edible :)

I add on cheesy sausage again and as you can see they have squeeze chili sauce on top. I prefer pure cheesy sausage more ><

My boyfie's beef burger was overcooked and it looks very black as you can see from the picture. It was quite hard for me to chew too><

burnt beef burger :S

My lovely boyfie!!! :D

And last but not least meeee!!! :D

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