Monday, November 12, 2012

Lunch @ Little Korea

We planned to have some decent lunch that day but unluckily our plan went sour as the restaurants we chose closed when we reached there. >< At last we opt for Little Korea which is just situated at Sunway Mentari nearby where we were.:D My favourite korean food. Huhu.

Camwhore before class :P


Anqi!! :D

Tadaa~~ This wasnt our first time :)

Side dish would be served and will be refilled once only.

Four of us ordered korea roasted brown rice tea (Hyeonmi cha 玄米茶) ! I love this so much! :D

My Kimchi soup!! So yummy!!! Lots of kimchi and meat :D My way of eating it is to pour all rice in my soup.I like to eat my rice soaked with the soup :D Love its sour kimchi taste so much!

June and Mingwee :)

Her seafood bento set :D

Seafood bento set. Typically all the side dishes she had in her bento are the side dishes we had for free :D With lots of prawns lala and sotong she said it was niceee :D Appetizing enough :D The yellow thingy are the fried onion ring and vege.

This one would be the pork bento :D Exactly the same with Jareil's except hers one was pork.

Anqi's bone rib soup with mee. Tasteless. It tasted much better last time we came here.><

Our shared dobokki!! Tasted okay only. :) Big portion and we could not finish it haha

Some of the side dishes.

Me and Anqi :D

Tadaaa~~Had fun :D #ootd Thats all :D :D

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