Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday Celebration Dinner for My MUM!! @ Matsuba Japanese Restaurant :)

Went home early that day for my mum's birthday celebration dinner. She wanted to have a nice dinner at Matsuba Japanese Restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas. This was the only Japanese Restaurant we visit most when we are craving for japanese cuisine. :D

They often served some appetites before our food came. This time it was the preserved vegetables. :)

My papa and my bro!

Me and my mum :D

Happy Birthday :)

A cosy environment :)

My father's miso ramen. I love it!! Will order this the next time i visit there. Tasted awesome in a rainy weather. :D

My prawn soup based ramen with tempura prawns!! The soup was nice but the mee has a strong alkaline taste and I hated it>< But my brother who love yellow mee like this very much therefore he finished this for me.

3 yummy crunchy tempura prawns!

We ordered 2 salt grilled salmon heads coz they are having a half price promotion! :D

All of us love salmon fish head especially this as it was so fresh!

Thick meat they have!

Their steam egg-chawanmushi! Nicee!

My brother's bento set! With veryy fresh sashimi!

Thick and fresh!

His bento set with also salad and tempura prawns !

My mum the birthday girl has this bento set full of sashimi as you can see. Haha 8 pieces of sashimi, 3 sushi and 3 hand rolled sushi with tuna.

I ate mummy's salmon sashimi it was awesome!

Our table full of food!


The next day was my mum's birthday me and my boyfie bought her secret recepi cakes! :D

Birthday wishing before blowing off the candles :D

Happy Birthday MUM!!! :D

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