Friday, November 23, 2012

Bear Paw Pau 熊手包 @ Off Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak

I told my boyfie about this super cute pau I saw in instagram and coincidentally he knew where we can get this! :D It is just near his uni Utar, nearby Festival City!! Yay My boyfie brought me there last Sunday!! :))

Yummmyyy lunch :D

Ahhhh so cute <3 ^^ We get to choose the combination of bread, meat patty and sauce. I chose milk bread + spicy chicken patty + mustard sauce while he chose whole wheat bread + chicken patty + terriyake sauce! Looks so cute with the bear paw! :D

Amused by the size of their assam milk tea coz their regular size is the usual big size we get from other places. Or have they get us the wrong size? hahaaa It tastes okok.

Mine!! You can see from the tag!!

Looks tempting right? heheee ^^

Overall I think it tasted not bad. The spicy chicken patty is quite crispy but not enough spicy for mee. The mustard sauce is way tooo little for me. Its bread is soo soft.

Yummy. But I love Mcdonald's Mcchicken better. The lunch set is cheaper than this bear paw pauu ala carte. :P

Boyfie's :D

They claimed that their terriyaki sauce is the best seller. It tasted sweet to me. Overall ok :D

Me :D

Him :D

US !!

It is located beside Share Tea if you are wondering :D

We found our couple phone cover !!!!


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