Friday, November 23, 2012

Bear Paw Pau 熊手包 @ Off Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak

I told my boyfie about this super cute pau I saw in instagram and coincidentally he knew where we can get this! :D It is just near his uni Utar, nearby Festival City!! Yay My boyfie brought me there last Sunday!! :))

Yummmyyy lunch :D

Ahhhh so cute <3 ^^ We get to choose the combination of bread, meat patty and sauce. I chose milk bread + spicy chicken patty + mustard sauce while he chose whole wheat bread + chicken patty + terriyake sauce! Looks so cute with the bear paw! :D

Amused by the size of their assam milk tea coz their regular size is the usual big size we get from other places. Or have they get us the wrong size? hahaaa It tastes okok.

Mine!! You can see from the tag!!

Looks tempting right? heheee ^^

Overall I think it tasted not bad. The spicy chicken patty is quite crispy but not enough spicy for mee. The mustard sauce is way tooo little for me. Its bread is soo soft.

Yummy. But I love Mcdonald's Mcchicken better. The lunch set is cheaper than this bear paw pauu ala carte. :P

Boyfie's :D

They claimed that their terriyaki sauce is the best seller. It tasted sweet to me. Overall ok :D

Me :D

Him :D

US !!

It is located beside Share Tea if you are wondering :D

We found our couple phone cover !!!!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eat. Shopping. Movie. My Burger Lab.

Our schedule last Saturday was so packed. We went Lowyat to take our laptops and buy hard disk, went Time Square for shopping, Seapark to have our dinner at My Burger Lab and One Utama for Skyfall movie. :D 

my outfit of the day :D Have nothing to wear luckily thought of this mix and match :D

My boyfie with his new haircut! Looks more matured :)

We waited for the shops to open while having our breakfast there. We were there so early haha

Our lunch at Ah Cheng Laksa at Times Square after shopping haul!! Asam Laksa! Wuuu Mine with lots of tuna fish :D

Boyfie's Pan Mee :D

After shopping and lunch at Times Square we went to Lowyat to take our laptops! My laptop was sent for repair under warranty but after a month they said they are going to compensate me with a new laptop as they cant repair it!! Wuhooo!! :D A blue Acer Aspire!! So happy ^^
After that we left Times Square and had dinner at My Burger Lab at Seapark!!! :D

Read about this place from some food blogs and I found their burger tempting. My burger Lab opens at 5pm and its burgers would be sold off at 7pm in 2 hours! So curious how good their burger is >< We reached there at about 5.05pm and it had a long queue already till the corridor omaigod

Queuing up. Oops sorry I am not tall enough lol

Its already packed!!

Its like those Snowflake operation basis where you queue up to order your food then wait for your number to be called. When we reach there it had just started at number 3.  We waited till number 44 for our burgers. =____=

I decided to secure our seats rather than queuing up with boyfie in case later we have to eat our burgers standing haha

Lots of people again :s

My boyfie <3 ^^

Their Menu!

We ordered Say Cheese Chicken Burger set and A+ Beef Burger Ala Cart :)) Their beef are said to be 100% Australia Grass Fed. Waaa eggcited meee

The cashier is a korean I think haha

My boyfieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D


Us :D

Ahhh our turn at last!!

"Say cheese" chicken burger with charcoal bun!!! Woootsss!!!

Love their fried with herbs and black pepper. Super addictive. Came with this own recipe thousand island which tasted heavenly and spicy. I love it!!!

Cheese Cheese Cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Looks sooo yummy >< Cheddar cheese with grilled chicken!! Awesome!!!!

This would be the "A+" Aus fed beef burger!!!! Its beef patty was sooo ridiculously big!!

Ahhh soo juicy and soft ! The beef patty is even softer than the charcoal bread itself omaigod

Sharp Cheddar, Caramalised Onions, Shiitake, Roasted Tomatoes and super huge thick beef patty :D SLURPPSSS

Me ready to give it a bite!!

Yummmssss!!!!! Its really soft and I love its combination with their special sauce soooo muchhhhh :D #Awesome Max #Heavenly #Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My boyfie ready to have the Say Cheese chicken burger! 

*Where should I begin?* hahaha

Oopss the burger is drooling :p

Me and my boyfie haD half of the burger each so that we get to taste both burgers haha This say cheese burger was niceee too>< Its chicken patty was soft and juicy! I love it with its cheddar cheese :P

Their busy kitchen packed with the staffs :D

Omaigod Still packed when we leave =___= Now I know why><

Long queue still going on lol

Thank god it's burger day again !! #hopeeverydayisburgerday

I love their burgers a lot!!! :D 

My new laptop wallpaper! Wuhooooo

Thats all :D