Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Amazing Food Trip to Melaka Part 3! [Nyonya Laksa - Nadeje Cake House - Tom Yam Loh Yee Mee ]

We had our breakfast nearby the hotel before we check out. So nice of the hotel owner who helped us to put our parking tickets every  hour so that we do not have to worry :))

Ordered this nyonya laksa at some cha can teng. Niceeee ! With generous amount of cockles again haha

Guess what? It cost me at only RM3.70.  :( I dunwana go back KL ><

Gorr's big size wantan mee :D Also RM3.70. He said it tasted nothing like KL's wantan mee but its nice :D

My boi <3


Both of us in couple T haha

After our breakfast, we packed and left Gold Leaf Hotel :)) Bai bai!!! :D

Last couple T shot before leaving^^

Before leaving Melaka, we dropped by Nadeje Cake House to take away some crepe cakes :D

Looksss so niceeee

The inner part of the restaurant. This part of Nadeje is newly furnished and open for customers. Look soo luxurious :D

Wow see the exaggerated chairs :O

Boyfie queuing up to take our double chocolate cake^^

On the way back to KL already!! I miss Melaka><

Our double chocolate cake. They gave us a cooler pack :D

Looks scary but tasted like heaven!!!:D

We reached KL at 4pm and we are starving already. Headed Mutiara at Jalan Ipoh near my high school Chong Hwa for my famous favourite Tom Yam Loh Yee Mee ^^

Their specialties would be this Tom Yam Loh Yee Mee. Its like the usual Loh Mee but cooked with Yee Mee and tasted sourish with tomyam based :D 

Lots of eggs :D Love this. It has gotten expensive nowadays><

Boyfie had this custard chicken rice from the other stall. This was quite famous too during our high school time.:D Used to walk to Mutiara for lunch after class :)

Starving he ignore me for taking his pictures haha

Taking my last few pictures of my Melaka trip before heading home :))

Tambun biscuits!!

Heung Beng!!!!

& Lao po bing with lots of love ! Haha

Tadaaaa!!! Thats the end of my Melaka trip!!! Heheee :D Thanks to my superman boyfie and thanks that everything was smooth and grateful that we arrived home safe and sound :D I wannttt food trip again!!!! Crazy me haha :D

Lots of love, Me :D

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