Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Amazing Food Trip to Melaka Part 2! [Ban Lee Xiang Satay Celup - Tong Bee Stall (Cockles) - Durian Puff & Xiang Bing ]

After Jonker 88, we walked around the Jonker Street and then off we go to our next meal~~~Satay Celup!!!^^ I am super super full when we walked to Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee for our dinner. >< From the other food blogs we thought that it opened at 5pm and to avoid long queues as usual, we reached there at 4pm. Luckily it has already started business and there are already a lot of occupied tables there. lol Everyone was there early to avoid queues hahaa

I am too full therefore I ate only 7 sticks. Ban Lee Xiang is cheaper than Capitol Satay Celup as it costs only RM0.60 per stick while the latter cost RM0.80 per stick. As usual I took bloody cockles and also livers.Hoho 

This would be the satay celup sauce. Look oily but tasty haha Once in a while there will be people taking away the oil surface for you. Obviously they did not change the satay celup soup base for the customers. They merely change the silver frame of the pot and leave the soup there for the next customers. Therefore you should be wise enough to wait for it to boil before you eat your satay for hygiene purpose. ;)

My lovely cockles. Haha

Ahh They have super nice leong cha-- Bat Bou Leong Cha (八宝凉茶) Superr niceee!! Its different with the  leong cha we cook ourselves. They must have put in some secret family ingredients. Its so nice we even da bao one back ahha

My gorrr :)

Tadaa~~~This is the shop! :)

After our scrumptious meal,we walked back to our hotel to bath :) Passed by Jonker Street again XP

After bathing and resting a while, off we go again continuing our food hunting haha Our next stop would be the famous Tong Bee Stall , also known as " longkang siham " at the back alley of  Jalan Bunga Raya shoplots. They are famous for their siham, lala, snail and kangkung cuttlefish :D As a siham lover, I am dying to try this.Haha Luckily its very near from our hotel thanks to the strategic location again. :D

When we reached there it has already 8.30pm therefore crowds have became to form and we have to stand behind the tables and stools to wait for our next round. I am glad I waited as I nearly gave up as there are too many people there waiting as you can see from the picture.

The ah gong was there so busy using strainers to blanch the cockles in the boiling water and distribute them to the small plates.

Poor boyfie again accompanying me waiting for seats for nothing as he isn't interested in cockles as well><

me :)

On the other side of Tong Bee stall, the other stall selling the same thing call Capitol was said to be quite famous too. More people was waiting for that stall therefore we chose Tong Bee instead.

Spot this cute little buddy playing with us while waiting :)

My Siham!!!! (Cockles) !!! Syok! One small plate like this cost me only RM2. Cheap right?:D

My Lala!! Also RM2 :)

The secret sauce. Soury taste with peanuts. :)

Cockles rock!!! It is so fresh and I love the way it is. It is not fully cooked and tasted bloody.Love it :)

Me eating hehe

The aunty over there was preparing their special sauce XD

There are plastic buckets on the tables for customers to throw away our shells. These are mine haha Blooddddyyyyyy

Ah Xian Ren Qing Wei was there too! Heard that 8tv Hochak was there too^^

I will go there for second round again for sure!! :D

After siham longkang, we went Jongker Walk for night market ^^

Bought this super delicious yogurt and durian puff. 6 pieces for RM8. 

We sat down and tried one each ^^

It was so soft! I love my durian flavour ones!!! :D

Bought some heung beng (fragrant biscuits) back to KL.i love theseeee flaky tasty oness :D

Boyfie bought me some lao po bing ( Wifey biscuits )back Haha So nice of him :P


Boyfie bought some huge dou sha bing (Tambun biscuits) back too :)

Evil Look* haha

Our last item in our shopping haul would be these super cute 7仔 key chain!! Super cuteeeee!!!

We get one each and will chain it with our car keys haha Couple key chains :P

After having duck rice as our last meal, we walked back the hotel to rest after this long day :))))

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