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Our Amazing Food Trip to Melaka Part 1! [Gold Leaf Hotel - Famosa Chicken Ball Restaurant - Jonker 88]

Hi Peepss!!! Sooooooooo this Melaka trip I am blogging now would be me and my boyfie's 3rd road trip ^^ Wuhooo So eggcited when I flipped through all the photos we took. XD We planned for this trip the week before when my boyfie who was in his internship spotted this Hari Raya Haji holiday which is on Fri!! Wuhoo :D Then he suggested going Melaka for a 2 days 1 night trip^^ Hehee Everything happened so fast that I could not believe this.^^ It was a really successful food trip as we planned :) Thankiuuuu boyfieeee ^^ He was in charge for being my driver and finding our accommodation and all the places. ^^ And appreciate so much that it was not raining during our trip!! :D

We left my house at 8.30am and bought our breakfast at the Mcd near my house :)) Only to realize that they do not have the usual breakfast set on public holidays :( We bought our breakfast through drive thru and had them on our way to Melaka. Off we go!!!

My boyfie being my personal driver !! :P

Our first meal on our food trip :D My sausage McMuffin :)

His sausage McMuffin with egg :)) Yummier ><

Without egg :)

And with egg :)

At about 11am we reached Melaka!!! Wuhoo!!!! First we dropped by our hotel. The Gold Leaf Hotel we chose to stay in is at Jalan Kee Ann, just 10mins from Jonker Walk. My boyfie decided to book this hotel as its price is quite reasonable and also has a big advantage of having a strategic location. It is just 10mins walking distance from Jonker Walk. Due to public holiday, we walked most of the time as we knew finding parking would be a pain in the ass. ><

 My room!!Its quite comfy and I thought its price is quite reasonable as we have our personal bathroom and also air conditioning. :)

After we settled in with our luggage, off we go to Jonker Walk for our lunch. :) Its just 10 mins away from the jonker walk therefore we walked there. :) We went in the Famosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant which was also along the jonker walk after we found that the famous Chung Wah Chicken Rice Shop has an extremely unbelievable long queue under the red hot sun. We should have knew this would happen as it is a public holiday.loll Anyway we queued a while for this chicken rice shop and happily sat down wen its our turn although we are sharing table with another family which we dunt mind. ;) 

Busy cutting the chicken. Yummm I thought Melaka was famous for its steamed chicken but then this shop they have roasted chicken too.

The inner part of the shop :)

My boyfie!!! :DD

At last we sat down :))


The menu. 

We ordered 1/4 steamed chicken, 2 eggs and 10 chicken rice balls :)

While waiting :)

Ahh we ordered this gula melaka ice kacang from the stall in front of this chicken rice shop for  RM3.50. :)

Looks yummyyyyy :)) Lots of gula Melaka :o

Tasted not bad. I like the taste of gula melaka. :))

Me !!

Act cute* hahahaa

Our food came at last :)) Our 10 chicken rice balls :) Very filling. Obviously it was not hand made but compressed by machines.

Oops we love eggs :)) Tasted okay.

Tadaa~~ Our chicken! We got some breast meet and drumstick :) Quite soft and yummyy I think.

Our first satisfying meal :)

Boyfie outside the Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Shop :)

When we finished our meal we found an enormous queue outside the shop :S Luckily we reached there earlier lol

For our second meal, I requested this nyonya asam laksa at the shop Jonker 88. Heehee I came here last time and I love her asam laksa so much that I could die for it ><

Again queuing under the sun for her laksa ^^I queue up to order this while my boyfie queue up the cendol stall to order my durian cendol and to find tables to sit. 

The menu is printed in front of her stall. :) Already decided nyonya asam laksa before I reached so nvm haha

Closer look of the menu and prices.

Ah Mah Fish Cake icon really look like her haha

Famous ah ma at Jonker Walk :)

My superlicious nyonya asam laksa!! Wuhooo Superb!!! I love the rich asam flavour of the soup! Most awesome asam laksa I had ever had !! Love it soo much that I could eat it every day>< Luckily boyfie isn't interested in asam laksa thereforeI could finished this all this alone. Heheee

My durian cendol!!! :)) Super nice also!! Love the rich durian flavour.  Durian is also a no-no by my boyfie. He get his own bowl of normal ice kacang therefore I finished this myself also haha Big appetite ><

We didnt manage to get a table and we are grateful enough to find a place for use to have our food. :)

The inner atmosphere of Jonker 88 :))


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