Monday, October 15, 2012

Churpout 2012 & Dining at Magenta @ Publika

Joey invited me to attend Churpout 2012 event when we found out that Cheesie and Audrey will be selling their 2nd hand clothes there dirt cheap at like RM10 for 2 !! Wuhooo So eggcited to meet them since NHK filming few months ago :)) I fetched Joey there and we reached at about 10.50am before it started at 11am coz early bird catches the worm haha

Just after we reached there, it started to rain heavily. We are so lucky that we didnt get wet but there are already crowds in front of cheesie and audrey's booth!! Ahh!!! 

Cheesie and Audrey's stuff piled up on their booth :D

Managed to take photos with cheesie :D I am sooo gigantic beside her>< Her face so smalll><

And cute Audrey! She is so sweet :)))  [Photos credited to xcb91]

And also Chuckei! She looks totally the same with her pictures in her blog!! Pretty!!  [Photos credited to xcb91]

Signed up to get some freebies from them :D Lots of vouchers inside haha 

The crowd. 

Saw this super cute stall by " Delectable by Su "selling home made cookies with Churp churp bird icon so cute!! And huge macaroons!!! 

Busy texting Jac and Christy and boyfie haha

Some cute collections made by recycled items being displayed. :D


Met my old art society friends from my secondrary school there :D

Camwhore in the toilet! I love big mirrors hahaa

Saw some interesting ukulele group performing haha cute :D

At last!!! Lunch time!! Wuhoo :D We went to Magenta which was owned by the same owner of San Terri. It was opened by Joey's relatives and she insisted us to try their food there haha :D

Cute deco of vintage black and white photos there :D 

My friend Christy ordered this rose tea which smells great.  It comes with a piece of home made butter cookie :D

They even provide her this minute sand timer where she can choose to have her tea tasted as she wanted. 2 minutes for white, green, oolong tea, 3 monutes for black tea and 5 minutes for strong black tea :D

Joey's latte :) Love the swirl art and according to Joey,their coffee maker was imported. Imagine the coffee made out from this precious coffee maker ^^

One of the Magenta's specialties would be this paper dolls given for free for us to reminisce our old times. cute :))

We started with cheese escargot and this seriously tasted awesome. Love the cheese sauce!! We even kept the sauce for our fries later on. Hahaa

So yummy!!! :D

My cappuccino with butter cookie <3

Shared the beef burger with Joey!Love the wedges type of fries a lot and it is tasty with the cheese escargot sauce :P

Tasted like home :)

Christy ordered this and she said that it was nice. Crispy at the outside and succulent inside. :)

Their scone! I love it with cream cheese :D I prefer it without jam haha XP

Generous amount of cream cheese and jam :D

Overall it tasted not bad :D Love the atmosphere there. Their specialties would be the Hainanese Chicken rice homemade by Joey's grandaunt. Worth trying :))

I want outing and shopping again =__= !!!

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Valerie said...

omg, chuckei so pretty!!! next time bring me there too! hehehe