Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adi & Leni's farewell & Ben & Carmen's birthday celebration:)

Adi and Leni is going back to Indonesia already!! Adi paired up with me before for the pyramid game when we are in UK :( Kind of bullied him coz forced him to drink more water than I did. Haha I will miss our cute Leni too!! Adorable pink lover ^^ Miss those times when we are in UK. Hope they get their work permit soon so that they can come back to Msia!!! :(

It was last Thursday. After singing Karaoke with my Sunway buddies we waited till 6am for this gathering at Gim Chuan's apartment. Grateful that they change the location which is supposed to be at Glen's house at Kota Kemuning @@ It was raining intermittently and we are so worried as we are having our gathering at the swimming pool at Gim Chuan's Nautica apartment. =__= Luckily it stopped on time :)

Reached Nautica's apartment!! :D Itianne, Jareil, Jean and Leni!
Dila, ME, Krisho, Leni and Jean! :D

Ahhh Atlast food arrived and we are so guilty that we didnt help to prepare :P

Thanks to our main cook! Liza! And also Glen and Jarrel :)

Our food!!!

Spicy Mee Hun!!!

Super delicious drumstick!! Sorry for the lousy lighting :(

Black Pepper and Cheese Hotdogs! :D 

French Fries :D

Yummylicious chicken wings!

Shell spaghetti!

Spaghetti sauce yummy!

Getting our food :D

Mine!! ^^

Hahaa Meiling & Rock! They rock! :D

Me & Jareil ^^

Had to post this funny picha coz three of them are looking up simultaneously hahaha

Our Adi!! Haha

Its so nice up there! Infinity pool!!

Awesome scenery! Spot Liza and Glen swimming^^

Itianne teaching me waterfall braid using Jareil's hair haha

Domino's Pizza is here!!!!Yummy!!! :D

ML & Itianne!! Everyone was having fun:)

We went up to Gim Chuan's house later coz it was raining heavily ><

Girl's photoshoot time haha

Ahhh Homemade cake by Liza!! ^^

Butter cake with sugar icing on top^^

Happy birthday Carmen and Ben!! & Good luck to Leni & Adi!! :))

Girlsss again ^^

Adi & Leni!!!! ^^

All girls with Adi :)

Leni and me!!!! Good luck dear :)) All the best^^

Me, Leni & Jareil! :)

Adi and Leni with the cook Liza!

Freshly made from oven couple haha

Liza intimidating my pose><



Oopss Meiling owed Nicholas few dares and she had to..

Put a bunch of fries in her mouth ><

S3 Gang :)

Iphone gang :) Mana s2 gang??

Guys with Adi and Leni^^

Our group photo!!!Having so much funnn miss you guys XP

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