Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our Very First Road Trip [ Sepang ]

Have been planning this trip before I went UK but then cancelled coz something came up which I had forgotten what is it.Haha. But tadaaaa at last I get to go to the beach! The place I wanted to go since long long time ago. I miss the beach the seawater already :( Happily my boyfie agreed to make it to the beach as our first road trip after I was back from the UK program!! Heheee ^^ I still remember how excited we are the day before when we wrote down things to bring and I googled the places to visit there :D Basically the journey was planned by me and I just revisit the places me and my friends went last year.Haha

We went Bukit Jugra at Banting as our first stop for the breathtaking scenery^^ It was a popular place for paragliding too :)

Nice scenery!! :D

him with my balloon-ise face :D


Spot our matching top? Heheeee I get them from uk :) Our second couple T ^^

Seriously I think he looks like a teddy bear ><

Love this picha although he looks blur hehe

Tadaaa!!! :)))))))

Our second stop!!! Morib Beach!!! It was not in my schedule but we dropped by when we saw it on our way to the lover bridge for lunch.Haha..Poor boyfie his stomach was growling. Haha. I just cant resist the beach :D

Our couple T suit the blue sea and sky well hahaha


Super nice the scenery there!! People were playing in the water and lots of teenagers catching crabs there as it is at low tide :D

And we saw this scary creature O.O

Caught this super tiny hermit crab!! And only then I found out he was afraid of them!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA He dont even dare to touch them ^3^ Awwwwww <3

Another big hermit crab XD

This is super big! I wanted to bring it to the seashore at first but it keep struggling and I was so terrified and I kind of throw it back to the sea water =__=


Bought teh tarik ice and cham ice!! 


Next stop!! Lunch at the Ocean Restaurant near Lover's Bridge !! Yay!

The lover's bridge! ^^

Their famous clay-pot tofu!! A bit like Loh Mee and I like it with vinegar ^^

Omelette oyster!! I finished this dish myself coz he dont like oyster XD

And the fried sotong!! We couldnt finish this and we had this take away as out snacks hahaa

At the lover's bridge!!! :D

Being grateful :)

Spot a heart shape? ^^

My first time on this bridge was when I was single, and this was my second time ^^ It bring me luck afterall right? :)

Their malt candies XP

Forced him to take picha with the colour matching malt candy :D

Our last stop Sepang Gold Coast Palm Resort! This time we managed to get in coz it was still early. The last time I went there the guard blocked us coz it was already after the visitor session.

They have this mini buggy to fetch the customers there to their chalets :)

Had a rest at the lobby :)

They have a place for us to sit and rest and to enjoy the scenery at the lobby :) 

Being ridiculous :P

Heee Haaaaaaa~~

The small sand balls caused by the crabs when they are digging for holes :)

Looks cute when it is little.. but..

It was scary when the whole sand was full with the sand balls!

Even scarier LOL  At first I dared myself to walk barefoot but in just a while I got scared and geli and got him to bring me my slippers O.O

Enjoyed the sunset :))

Sun eater O.O

See him holding my slippers? ahhaa


As it is having low tide, both of us walked quite far from the seashore. The sea level was only till our knee high when we started walking back. But the sea level became higher and higher and it was until my upper waist. O.O So frightening. We do not know that the depth was not the same after all and there is some place where the sand was very soft that I panicked :( So scary >< But we reached the seashore safely though. Haha

We went back after that but found that the car key was soaked inside the sea water in his pants.Haha We get someone to help us start our engine as the car beeper is not working. I think it took an hour to revive our car without the alarm system but then later the alarm went off again :( It took us another hour for some nice passer by to help us revive the car again>< Scary but great experience. :P Now I know what to do if I encounter this again. Choi!!! Hahaa :))

Thats the end of our road trip! Tiring but fun!!! Heheee Our next one will be Genting!!! :D I was listening to 
the song 愛久見人心 by fish leong when I was blogging. Love this song so much!!




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