Monday, September 17, 2012

Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe N Bistro @ Publika

Had a small meet up with AJ coz she is back from Nanjing but now she had left for Taiwan already. T.T We meet up at this delicate korean cafe in publika which I get to know it from my friend's blog.Hohooo I love cafe with cute decorations! :D

Ahh Cute rightttttt><

Their menu Is so special that they used some hanger-like wood to attach the menus together.

Stole this from joey's blog haha I like to squash when we hug^^ It makes us closer :D

Another squashh hug hahaa

Gurls :D

Their deco :)

Korean Kimchi Soup! Nice! It came with this healthy grain rice too :D

Bulgogi Dukbogi!!! Never tried dukbogi in this flavour so we ordered it. Yumyyyy :D

Their well known sweet potato cake with vanila ice cream :D  It tasted like a type of Malay dish haha But tasted not bad :)

After the war lol

Had a walk outside the cafe and we gurls started to play with our cameras. XP

Oopsss *muack*




Joey wanted to photoshoot us hahaa

I had this big mouth that I can swallow an elephant =.=

Awww Our Aj :)


Hahaha cant resist aj's cuteness ^3^

Love this!

We went for dessert at Moo Cow downstairs. And turns out Joey's uncle was there and they belanja us!!! :D

Tadaa!! Nicee fresh yogurt! We ordered rose (if not wrong), dates and original flavour!! :)

Like this the most. Previously I thought that it is quite pricey but after all its okay and love the soury taste :)

Helping the monster to pick his nose hahahaa

Besties :)

Tadaaa!!! Our group photo!!! :D

Miss you guys :D

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