Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Italiannies : Student Meal Promotion @ Sunway Pyramid

Yayy!! Dine in at Italiannies since they have this student meal promotion which include a soup, main course and pepsi for RM12.90! They have this buy one free one promotion where we can get a free pasta or pizza with the purchase of one pasta or pizza!!! XD

Start of with the complimentary bread with vinegar and olive oil <3

Tadaaa!! Jareil and June!! The pictures posted made me confused because it looked like all of us wear blue in coordinate with the theme in Italliannies.lol Everything was blue.lol

Me and Anqi in blue again :D

Time to exchange our presents haha Jareil get to open hers first heheee (Spot the blue plastic bag again?llol)

Two stocking dolls made by june and anqi :)

Confused look haha

Yay! And some photo frames we made! I am in charge in the editing work hohoho

Tadaaaa!!! :D

My turn!! :D

A birthday card by Anqi and a *Patrick starfish doll made by Jareil! And an amazing box with wishes made by June <3 Kamsahamida :) 

Food served!!!! Fish and chips!!! :D

Love their tartar sauce sooo much. It suits so well with the Fish fillet :D

Salmon carbonara! Love this so much tooooo !! :D Love the salmon pieces hehee

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and prawnnnss ! This one is yummmyy tooo :D

Our group photo! :)

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MeowMeow Qian said...

nice birthday celebration ! :D