Monday, September 24, 2012

Anqi'S Birthday Celeb. @ Antipodean Cafe & Hummingbirds Coffee Bar @ Bangsar

Yay!! Another birthday celebration again!! Happyyy 22nd birthday anqi jiee :D Heeheee!! Four of us dolled up for Bangsar, her favourite place that day for her celebration^^ I drove that day and sooo unfortunate we get lost with my un-updated gps >< I drove through LDP toll 4 times that day.LOL Thank me anqi!!! hahaha

We thought we were late but we are still the earliest afterall haha :D Antipodean Cafe was our first stop. Its a nice cosy cafe as I thought when I read their review from the blogs. 

No one notice I chose the window seat because I knew the light from the window will make my picture nice hahaha XP June and Anqi^^

Jareil and me!! :D

Tadaaa!!! Our birthday gurl ANQI JIE!!! :D Sweet girl! Still available.woots haha

Cappocino!! :D

Short Black I think. I am not so sure.haha But I love the latte art <3 Fern leave!

A closer look^^

I ordered this spinach and mushroom carbonara!! Its superlicious and worth trying!!! They have this generous amount of feta cheese on top and also beneath woots!!! At first I thought they are only famous in their  breakfast set but surprisingly this is awesome!!!! I will try this again for sure next time :D

If you are a cheese lover you will like this for sure!! Super yummy!!>< Feta cheese tasted a bit sourish and appetizing! Yummsss 

Too yummy have to help them promote haha

This is June's pumpkin pasta shells. This one tasted delicious too with the feta cheese and it smells really good. But I dislike pumpkin so nono for me. 

The portion looks small but we cant finish haha

Their breakfast set was famous in Antipodean Cafe such as big breakfast set and the all day breakfast set. Anqi ordered this croissant scrambled egg with bacon. The portion is sooo big that we helped her to finish it. I think there are at least two scrambled egg lol

Jareil's grilled chicken with tomatoes and long green peas woottss The sauce was reallllyy amazing! Must try dish! I am hooked with the sauce><

Really Yummyyy!!! :D

My awesome pasta shell with feta cheese^^

Yummy scrambled egg^^

The place is soo cosy :D

Playing a while haha

Oh ya! Did I mention that their Menu is on the walls haha Creative!! hehe

Our Birthday girl again^^

The window view from inside :D

Girls in dresses :D

Antipodean Cafe at Bangar from the outside. 

Street snapshot.haha


Next stop for dessert! The Hummingbirds Coffee Bar!! :)

Red velvet cake! I like this :)

Rainbow cake! Looks cute haha 

Macaroons!!! Dark chocolate and wasabi ones. The wasabi one tasted not bad haha Worth trying. :D

Tadaaa~ Surprise her with the birthday candle haha

Happy belated birthday :)

Dark chocolate macaroon :D

Wasabi macaroon on a tea pot plate haha

haha june's idea XP

Awww... sweet shot :D

Group photo!! Spot me in terrible black eye circle?? I smudged my eyeliner hahaha

Had fun and I cant wait for our next road trip!! Ipoh? Teheee :D

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