Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Second Road Trip [Genting]

Yay!! Turned out we went for our second road trip to Genting!!! We went Genting by bus from 1 Utama and the bus ticket turned out was as cheap as RM4.60 a way.LOL  Cheaper than if I take KTM to Times Square. LOL We departed from One Utama at 8am and reached Genting at about 9.30 after taking another free shuttle bus from the lower station.^^ It was a bit windy up there but as both of us are wearing long sleeves couple shirt we are quite warm in it. :)

Tourist Shot :D


Spot Our Couple T? :D

I am so gonna cut my bushy hair ><

Get to know a friend there.XP

Was looking something for our lunch there are found that everything was overpriced. 5 bucks for 3 pieces of nugget? lol 

And looks even more tempting.

Strawberries for chocolate fondue.

Boyfie with merry go round. Wanted to ride this but the personnel there told us its only for kids. Duh. haha

Look! I am just 153 cm tall LOL

I would make him try this one day. Haha.

We played indoor bumper car. Haha

Decks of cards we saw. Impressive.

Had Marybrown for our lunch! ^^

Oopss. I forced him to do that. Hahahaha

Street Performance.

Egg Painting.

Snow World!

Live sketching which looks very real.

With Big Ben .Haha

With some slimy

Some random shot. Haha Love this.

The skyway was closed due to heavy wind but it reopen that evening. Just in time to take a ride to the lower station^^

Nice Tropicana forests in Malaysia. :D

And lets end my blog post with some random pichas of me and my boyfie. :D

Cant wait for our next planned trip!! :D