Saturday, August 18, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 9 & 10 - 29,30/7/12 SUN,MON ] Back to Lancaster!!! Department Interaction and Baking Session!! :D

- DAY 9 -
Our last day in London T^T three days was never enough for us T.T

THis two funny guys saw me taking their pichas therefore they posed for me! ahahahah awwww

oopssss bought a lot again O.O

after the last handbag jareil bought its time to catch the train! Did we manage to catch the train? hmnnn ><

Had sushi in the train. :D

Tadaa!! We are back to our hostel again!! wuhoooo :D Took out everything we bought haha

What we bought? wuhooo

- DAY 10 - Department Interaction Day :)

my breakfast!! i miss their mushroon :(


We went to the management school !

Had some lecturers on the post graduate studies^^

And a talk on the project managements.

Later we visited the liabrary! It was huge!!

And later that night it was scone making session!! wuhooo

Louis was teaching us how to measure without the weighing machine haha

awww she is cute><

Wipe them with milk


me whipping the cream XD

Tadaa!!!! scones with jam and whipped cream done! wuhoo

Michelle with star shaped scones hehe

jareil with moon shaped scone!! I made one hahaa

I like it without anything coz I am not a fan of cream and jam lol We took the others back and I gave one to Terry ahaha He said it tasted superb! hahahah ^^ Then the others we gave them to Nicholas and Ben.haha ^^

My dinner XD


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