Saturday, August 18, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 8 - 28/7/12 SAT ] Madame Tussauds

Our first breakfast in LSE! Super missss UK now :( Miss the life there the weather there and the people there>< darn!

Queuing up for breakfast! We are supposed to choose only six varieties of item for breakfast!

Mine! 1.sausage 2. turkey ham 3. egg 4. scramble egg 5. yogurt 6.corn flakes :D

They have this coffee and cappuccino machine :D But I kinda of dislike it XP

I was typically whatsapping my parents and boyfie every morning since its the only time I am free and they are awake. It is afternoon in msia while I am having my breakfast ^^

Off we go!!

We wanted to go borough market on saturday but found out it was closed on the sat!! :( But turned out it was underconstruction therefore the stalls were shifted to Jubilee Market which we went there already the other day^^

Madame Tussauds spotted! XD

omg so many ppl! Luckily we have this quick access which we do not have to queue up lol

 orlando bloom and keira knightley from pirates of caribbean!!!

Professor X from x men!!! James McAvoy!!

twilight!!!!!Robert Pattinson n Taylor Lautner!!! :D

Zac Efron

Daniel Radcliffe! XD

David Beckam and Victoria :D

Brad Pitt n Angelina Jolie! We hav to queue up for this one haha

bollywood shahrukh khan :D

Sherlock Holmes XD

Shrek and the gingerbread man!!

marilyn monroe XD wind blowing out from her skirt haaha

Tiger woods!! XD

OOPS hahahaha



Annnger see this!! ahahaa

amy winehouse xoxo

beyonce!!! XD

hi obama! XD


ohh we went through the process of the making of the wax figure XD

i have skinny legs wuhoo!1 XD

we are queuing up for the 4d super heroes movie!!

it was super awesomee!! they sprinkled us water when the hulk sneezes and something on the seat poked our backs during battling loll

Lunch time!! Yummyyy XD Fish and CHips 

Chocolate milk shake yummyyy XD

Super yummyyyy cod fish ><

omaigod ><

scary women lol i seriously thought she was real><

exhausted after walking shopping therefore have our dinner nearby for dinnerrr

ed's!! we seriously ate a lot of burgers in uk hahaa

sit outside at first but it was freaking cold lol so we moved inside

yummmyy XD

i seriously missssss chipsss><

musical time! XD

it was magnificent inside!

the show was awesome the scene keep changing and the witch was soo near to us loll she hanged herself on top of the audience waooooooo and at last when she came out everyone boo her lollll indicated that she is successful in portraying the dark side? haha i fell asleep halfway coz too tired but luckily i managed to wake up for the ending hahaaaa really nice and unforgettable experience watching a real musical waooooo><


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Angie Teh said...

lol full of jealousy rite nw!!how dare u stand so close wit my bieber boy and pinch his flawless face!!!XD