Thursday, August 16, 2012


After extending one night in YHA, we moved to LSE London School of Economics ^^ It was raining and we have to move with lots of luggage ><

LSE hostel!!

After settling down our luggage off we go!!!

Going Trafalgar Square to buy Madame Tussaud and muscial tickets :)

Their underground is sooo pretty>< Each station has different theme with vintage wallpapers><

We passed by Trafalgar square again :D

After buying tickets we stopped by Pizza Express for our lunch :D

raspberry lemonade that tasted fizzzyyy

We orderred etna which tasted a bit spicy and salad! wuuuuuu

They have this raw anchovies with salad which tasted yucky lol  but overall it is okay without the anchovies><

The pizza isss soo delicious compared to those in msia>< I love thin crust pizzaaa><

Super big and half of the pizza is even bigger than my palm <3

Even the dustbin looks cuter there lol

The place we had pizza just now :D

Black phone booth after the red one haha

Dropped by St Paul's Church on the way to Covent Garden :)

The entrance of the church! so lovely><

Covent garden!!! Streeet performance!! wuuu

soo cute kids and performer in tutu haha

they was given some money as tips after the performance :)

Magic show!

Another funnyyy performance. u will never imagine what he do next.

oopsss>< i covered one eye shocked lol 

Jubilee market!

Ice cream time!!!

Pistachios and dark chocolate superrrrrbbbb mannnnnn

ripley's believe it or not!! We didnt go inside though><

Our first night in LSE. haha kinda funny when Jareil saw the ceiling inside the toilet moved and we have to call the guys come up to check them for us>< and open the cupboard's

And they accompanied us while we are bathing too LOL

Our dinner!! So many sandwiches for 5 pound O.O and yogurt!!

Nights peeps!!


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