Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 6 - 26/7/12 THURS ] WESTMINSTER :)

Its Thursday! We are supposed to go back to Lancaster but most of us have extended our trip in London. Will be going back only on Sunday :)

Our breakfast in YHA :)

Today we are going Greenwich in Westminster! YAY ^^ Took the underground there :)

Ship spotted while we are on the overground.

Reached Greenwich! 

A street outside the underground ^^

Super nice scenery there!! Super windy but hot lol

Love this shot. artistic eh haha

Nice? haha

Visited some Greenwich Museum ^^

HAHAHAHA three musketeers LOLL

Nice artwork!

In the afternoon we had lunch with the guys :D

Went upstairs but it was super hot LOL

No idea why is this pot of long leaves on the table coz its blocking everything><

Ooops Later we went back indoor coz it was tooo hot lol

Yummmy starter!! Button mushrooms with cheese!! I likey!! I shared a set lunch with Jareil at 8.99 I think lol 

Penne with tomato sauce! Small portion and we are quite disappointed with its taste.okok only.  

The guy's pizza!! Tasted not bad.

Ben's pizza!!

Our yummy dessert ice cream with hot waffer :D

After our lunch we went back to meet the our group and went back YHA for lunch. We are extending in YHA for one more day and therefore off we go again to Oxford Street for some real shopping!! :D

We saw lots of people gather around along the street suddenly and we found that the torch will be passing by the Oxford Street!! Wuhhoo!! So lucky we got a place and waited for the Olympic Torch! :D

Some sponsors!!

The torch!!!! :D

Wuhoooo everyone was soooooo eggciteddd :D

Had our lunch at some Japanese Restaurant called Wasabi. Quite famous I think coz I saw a lot of his shop around Lancaster.

Jareil ordered some chicken terriyaki with rice while I ordered Japanese curry chicken with rice. Found that they only eat chicken breast while Malaysians eat every part of the chicken LOL

The cup is soooo big that I could not finish everything. LOL

Went Mark and Spencer to buy some salad and

Back to YHA!!!

Yogurt tasted not bad but..

their cabbage taste sooooo weird that we could not finish... ewwww><


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