Saturday, August 4, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 5 - 25/7/12 WED ] Parliament Visit!

Our first breakfast in YHA ^^

The croissants here are really good.

On the way to the Parliament!!!

We passed by the super well known Big Ben!! Heard that it was even nicer at night.

Olympic mascot!!! :D

After some sightseeing nearby we attended a forum with some ministers and oppositions where every country has a representative to speak out after the question.

Went Trafalgar Square to have our lunch there!

The sandwiches tasted not bad but its awkward sitting under the sunlight eating these with bare hands.. picnic  oohh

Loius took us to Buckignham Palace after lunch!! ^^

Buckingham Palace!!!! Huge!!!!!

Later went back to visit the national gallery while the others went Oxford Street and Dungeon

The inside of the national gallery is sooooo beautiful but we are not allowed to take any photos. I saw Van Gogh 's art too!! The sunflower!!!

Lagsana for dinner before heading out to Oxford Street again for shopping!!! Bought lots of things from Primark. We went in Primark 3 times and each time we came out with a big paper


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