Friday, August 3, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 4 - 24/7/12 TUES ] LONDON!!

As usual had the same combination of breakfast before heading to LONDON!! Jareil and I shared a medium size luggage and I regretted not bringing the big one!>< We bought too many things from London!!><


Cheap beer about 4 pounds each LOL nahhh not mine :) CK theirs!!! 

On the way to London!!!!:D

Stopped at the rest station. 

I like gummy bears!! :D

Fresh sandwiches!!

Awesome coffeemaker!! ^^

Tiny casino where the guys lost 5 pounds in 1 minute. LOL

Nic forced us to help us take picha of him with this LOL

Our bus!!!!!^^

My group!!!^^

Ohhhh my pack lunch~~

An apple.



Chicken wrap which tasted like last night food. LOL


 Tadaaa!!! We reached YHA our hostel at 2.30pm! We stay in a 6-person room and we slept in drawers hahaha I  slept on the middle bed.^^

Had our dinner straight after bathing. A not so nice spaghetti with corns.

But they have awesome salad I LOVE SALAD!!^^

After dinner we are walking taking underground and walking to the parliament in our formal clothes.llol Olympic mascots!!!!^^

We passed by trafalgar square. So niceeeeeee.

Passed by the national gallery.

The Parliament house :)

Ahhhhhh OLI!!!><

The Admiralty Arch at night!!

Went back for debrief before sleeping ^^


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