Thursday, August 2, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 3 - 23/7/12 MON ] Orientation Day!!

Yesh! Our first day in Lancaster University! Woke up very early and had our first breakfast in Lancaster at Barker Farm House. Hehe

Nice right? hohoho Their button mushroom is awesome!! Love it so much! And their yogurt and their hotdogs. Luckily I requested two haha But I am damn full coz normally I just drink a cup of milk for breakfast and now its like a feast lol 

Found out that they love to hav their noodles pretty dry.We thought it was spaghetti without sauce, turn out we add ranch sauce and tomato sauce as Msian Gravy needed man>< LOL

I super like their yogurt!!!><

Had some pichas with the lovely buildings and flowers outside barker's house. :)

We are staying near Cartmel College and I am in the Cartmel College Group!

Pikachu with me! haha (nicknamed by BEN LOU)

Went to Bowland Main Lecture to attend our orientation!! They gave us a short presentation on the objectives of our Summer Programme.

Had burgers for lunch!!!! :D egggcited at first but now in week 2 I have already have 3 times of the same burger as lunch =.=

Tadaa!!The burger!! with fat fries and dry noodles :D

After lunch we are grouped into our colleges to start a race. The first stop was to take a picha at our own college logo as a group.Omg. Our college was the most far college of all and we have to run back to the college and run back after that for the next Overall it was fun but we are so tired running sweating in the cold weather lol In the end we get letters from the stops and every group went back to the hall and started to combine the letters.


After the running session we have a speed networking session where we have to talk for 2 mins with the person sitting in front of you and after the 2 mins we switch place and continue with the other people. It was very fun and funny and noisy bacause everyone was shouting as its soooo messy.haha :D

Dinner time at Barker's house!!! :D

Had our dinner. Cottage pie broccoli potato rice etc ^^They had a small party beside the Barker House and a small speech my University Senior Management. :)




Kian Fai Koh said...

u in europe for study / travel? > . < outdate me haha

Kelvin said...

every thing look so good there !