Saturday, August 25, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 22 - 11/8/12 SAT ] Trafford Centre & Old Trafford

 We paid 20 pounds for the bus ride to Old Trafford!! :D

Trafford Centre!!! :D Super huge shopping complex O.O

We took croissants from our Barker's farm for lunch ahaha

Entering some kind of gate of heaven O.O

It's super pretty inside!!! :D

Ship themed!!! :D

A place where all stalls and restaurants located :D

Chinatown street!! :D Pretty!! :D

We chose burger as our lunch !! Eating again after croissant coz still feeling hungry haha

Free peanuts!! :D

Superrrrrrlicious burger we ordered!!!!!!!! We ordered 2 types of burger but I forgot whats their name ady LOL

Super cute skinny fries!!!:D

Super like their sauce T.T



MU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we are not allowed to touch the grass T.T

The changing room!!!!!! hahahaa

Haha they played the song where the footballers march in hahaha

Visitng Team!!!!!!!!!!!! Where they sit!!! OMG

Home team!!! :D

bai bai old trafford !!!!:D


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