Saturday, August 25, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 20 - 9/8/12 THURS ] Go Green! Volunteering Day :D

Volunteering Day!! Going to the garden around Lancaster Uni to pull out some weeds!! :D

Changed into our boots!!! :D


Nice scenery but I was not able to take many nice photo coz I didnt bring my DSLR!!!!!! T.T

My wheat bread for lunch!! :D

lol I look haggard hahaha

Apple tree!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

And plum!! O.O

Our dinner haha Love the bread pudding so much><

After dinner we had our salmon feast!! Wuhoo!!!!!:D

Seriously it tasted superb!!!!! Havent trry something like this before T.T Regret didnt buy more to bring it back to Msia>< :(

And apple cider :D


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