Friday, August 24, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 19 - 8/8/12 WED ] Industrial Visit 2

Yay! At last a proper industry visit! Had a short briefing on where are we going in the morning :D

Our first stop! The smokehouse!!! :D

Smoked garlic :D

Fresh jam :D

Explaining the smoke process :)

Fish to be smoked :D

We bought one smoked salmon to be tasted!!!! Its super yummmyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reached some cute garden :D

I miss their strawberries><

Our 3rd stop: The ice cream factory wuhoooo!!! :D

Ice cream!!

They let us step into their storage room. It was super super cold in there O.O

Ice cream time !!:D

Pistachios !!!! Yummyyyyyyyy :D

4TH Stop the brewery!!!!

I bought a stout for papa and one cider for me and jareil ahaha

Explaining the process of the brewery :D

Hops :)

Lastly bought some strawberries back from Booth!! :D

Cooking maggie after dinner hahaha

Drinking game started and I was paired with Adi. haha Luckily he is gentleman enough to help me drink haha :D


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