Friday, August 24, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 18 - 7/8/12 TUES ] Student Self Development Day

We attended a talk on self development on how to think 'inside the box" then the resources are limited smt like that.

Super nice lunch meatballs and sausages and baby carrots <3

Later after lunch we started sketching our own path during the summer program^^ This is mine!!

And outside the room we are cutting out pieces of memories to be pasted on a longgg piece of paper :D

I drew the Malaysian flag XD

And the sketch sleeping in drawers XD

And we signed too ^^

Spot my signature? :D

Tadaaa!!! :D

That night we had dancing classes wuhooo haha I was partnered with Ali this guy above while Mingwee was partnered with another Ali keke :D It was so fun although I am being pulled around all the time coz of his big size and strength lol :)


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