Friday, August 24, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 17 - 6/8/12 MON ] Academic Interaction Day

Oh..Its Monday again>< My last monday in Lancaster><

My breakfast!!!

We have this academic interaction which we could attend talks pertaining to the history of London, Lake district, talks on the English Language, physiology blablaa I dozed off a few times though><


They have sockets under every table for us to charge our phone! So convenient !! Sunwayyyy pleaseeee!!!!><

After the talk we went to Lancaster town by bus!!!:D

My Jareil!!! :D

pound bakery lol they have this pound world too where I bought a lot of chocolates there!:D

Later we had dinner there at one of the chinese restaurant. The owner is a Malaysian!!! :D


Superrr nice curry laksa after 2 weeks away frm Msia TT

Tom Yam fried rice that tasted like heaven XD

Going back to LU by bus ^^

Wootsss Bags of biscuits :D


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