Friday, August 24, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 16 - 5/8/12 SUN ] Lake District!!!!!

Another weekend trip!! Eggcited!!! :D Lake district is famous for its super nice scenery and rain lol

Bought tickets for the lake cruise. :D

Had a walk before the cruise :D

Ahhhhh Swannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swann!! So prettyyyyyy!!!

These swan are not afraid of us lol

and some ducks :D So adorable>< But its so smelly and I think I stepped on their shit :(

Love the scenery :) The dock ^^

Again haaha i miss them :(

Cant stop snapping them :P


Super huge greyhound O.O cute><

Hi swan princess <3

Ben helped us to take this I still rmb LOL

Boarding the cruise!!! :D

<3 ^^ Miss you guys><

MAI LOVE <3 ^^

Our pack lunch!! I found it more edible than the wrap the day b4>< lol

Awesomeeee vieww!

LOLLL Nic with a pink scarf lollll

We wana get down the cruise when we reached another island but was told to just sit back coz we will need to wait for another cruise to go back LOL


Had a walk around the small town :D


for me haha

I bought chocolates!!!!!!!!:D

Wanted this peter rabbit soo much that I can die for it but it is so damn pricey. :( 14pound walao :(

Its windy and rainy and the buildings there are sooo lovely :(

Peter Rabbit!!! We didnt go inside :( Heard that it was awesome><

Ice cream time!! hehehe

On the way back byebye lake district^^


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