Thursday, August 23, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 14 - 3/8/12 FRI ] Industry Day- Lowry

Yay Industry visit!! Wuhoo We thought there will be a visit to some factories but turned out we went to Salford to the Lowry building which is built to remember L.s.Lowry who is a well known artist,

My breakfast hahaa

Camwhoring in the bus :D

Some of them went BBC!! Ahhhh>< not fair :(

Hot chocolate coz tooo cold :s

Bought most of my M&S biscuits here :D cheap!!

:( pack lunch chips and wrap again><

Seriously I hated this so much :( Not nice oneeeeeeeeee But its free lol

Inside the building!

The plan of the place! It has a ship like appearance and the builidings are said to be on the front part of the ship.

Some bridge outside the building.:D


The theater hall!

underneath the chairs they have this springs to lift the chairs up.

Tadaaa~~by L.S.Lowry :D Scary :( His own portrait.

super cute cards I found there. But extremely expensive O.O

Went into imperial war museum after that :D

Oops hahaha

haha sent this to him lol

Was told that this is a super ugly failed jumping shot.loll

So one more time! hahaa


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