Thursday, August 23, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 13 - 2/8/12 THURS ] Library Day!!

Its the kids story telling day!!! Wuhooo We are formed into groups and were asked to email them a Msian story to be told to the kids who are coming to the library! My group is allocated to the Heysham Library which I am very grateful of as Jareil, who was allocated to the Lancaster Library told me that her library dont have as many kids as we had. Our library are totally packed with kids and with laughters HOHO Awesome Day!!

Leni and I! We are in the same group :)

Both of us bought this coz of the olympic mark haha


my group!!! and our story :D

Sadly we are not allowed to take any photos of the kids coz in UK they are very strict in privacy. We are not allowed to hold their hands, touch them or even add them in facebook LOL Met a few really cute kids and some of them aged between 4 and 5 even explained to me about the Olympics LOLL They even watched Olympics and told me who get the gold medal blabla omaigod O.O And a small guy even asked " You come from India?" LOLL Basically we assisted them to do hand printing, drawing, sword making loll, hat making blabla Later group by group wwe went out to tell our story to the kids hahaa

Atlast we finish our cleaning :)

seaside!!! :D didnt go there><

my dinner^^

At night we had a drawing session!! Hehee Guess which one is mine lol

our jareil's :D

The sheep drawing is Louis one!!!

very artistic drawing :D





Tehee :P


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