Thursday, August 23, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 12 - 1/8/12 WED ] Sports Day

Its sports day!!! But I dont have much appetite :S

the portion is getting smaller and smaller LOL

We didnt have three legged race after all>< 

Walking to the sports centre with our pack lunch. Poor Jareil she passed me her pack lunch and later we do not have chance to meet therefore she have to starve ><

Our first game was football!Ali was sick therefore there are only 3 guys (CK, one chinese and Ahmed) and 5 girls(me, liza, rock, a chinese n anita) in our group LOL 3 guys attacking, 2 girls defending behind and one female goalkeeper ROCK!! She is good! LOL We won the first match and the second match ended in a draw. However, after a 3 times goal kick by the girls we lost lol But still we are so happy to win the first match with only 3 attackers haha Terry was said to have succeed in revenging as one of them played so roughly and he tried to play dirty too to revenge this time haha

The second match was cricket and I have no idea how to play it till the end of the game LOL

I didnt take many pictures as I did not bring my DSLR T^T The last game was the tug of war and our group won the first match coz we had Oli helping us girls but then the next game we lost too coz of the imbalance gender among the groups.The other group have 5 guys and we have only 3 lol impossible!!

My dinner :D

Nice bread pudding :D I missed it :(


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