Sunday, August 19, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 11 -31/7/12 TUES ] Community Challenge

My breakfast! love bull's eye :(

Community Challenge today!! We are grouped in our college group and we are asked to provide ideas for the LUDHA welfare. It is an association providing food and medication for the homeless. And we are supposed to think of ways to help getting more donations. It is a real situation as they even invited the people in charge from LUDHA. Indeed it is a good experience dealing with real life problem. lol

<3 lovely ^^

yummmmyy dinner :D

Meet Terry!! :D


drums roll* Talent night!!! :D


involve members dancing haha

Cute indian dance by my partner ALI!!:D

my george lolll

ahhh missss uk :(

Our performance !! Dikir Barat!! ahahah

In Malaysia, we have three races,
We have malay, chinese and indian.
We love to eat rice every day,
and teh tarik is best in the world.
We love to say some funny words,
like aiyor lah and walao.
We say macha, you say brother,
but in the end, we are one Lancaster!!!

lyrics by all of us <3 ^^ sweetnya><

Cider time!!! Their pub closes at 11pm lol In malaysia 11pm is still early for drinking lolll The guys keep telling George about our culture in Malaysia where we drink till 2am lollll



Casley said...

Hey hey still rmb me? im finally blog now.. >< its been ages since my last post.. anyway u're in uk now? ur life looks great!!! ^^

domokun said...

hahaha you are back ^^ it has been a year since you blogged! loll I am back ady. In msia now hehe Its a 3 weeks summer program. :D Pls continue blogging!!!!!hahaaa

Casley said...

hahaha yeah a year.. very very lazy blogger.. u still blog so often which is very great.. i wil try my best to keep blogging.. hahaha..summer programme? what course u're taking?