Saturday, August 25, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 23 -128/8/12 SUN ] A WALK TO REMEMBER!! (Last Day in UK!)

Its our last day in UK!! We are departing at 5pm from LU.>< Decided to have a walk in my own Lancaster University while some of them went Lancaster town to shop! :)

Walking down the path heading to the sports centre. :)

haha ballet dancing by Eric :D

Soo pretty :D

Ahh lovely><

Emo struck LOL

Running on the huge field wasssssssssss soooo fun>< lifetime experience T.T

hahhaah my leg facing up!!!:D


Selftimer!! haha Albert sitting on the ground looking funny haha

Miss u guys :(

Bed of flowers!!!

Our lamb kebab!! Big portion!! Tasted not bad though ^^

One of my meal on the plane! 

The second meal I have no appetite at all because I had terrible headache. I eat one spoonful of rice only then have not touched any food at all. Later I get the air stewardess to get me a cup mee haha.

Thats the end of my of my summer program! Miss UK so much!! Miss the people there! the weather there! The food there :( Shopping!!>< Aiksss!!!!!!! Byebye Lancaster :( Byebye freedom....