Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 2 - 22/7/12 SUN ] We Are Here!!!

 We reached Manchester at about 12pm and we were in the bus waiting for the China students to reach the airport. It was so stuffy to wait for an hour in a bus with 5 seats in a row, compared to 4 seats bus in Msia.LOL

We reach Lancaster University after a 2 hours bus ride!! My niceeee cute room!! :))

Had a tour with Louis around the campus. Lancaster University is sooooo cold and big. Its like 20 sunway? LOL

There are like more then 9 colleges and I am allocated to the Cartmell College Group. :))

The Lancaster Subway!

Country College's tree.

A weird place to get some INSPIRATION. wao

This stone looks like a man lying. see his feet?? Its near the sport centre where there are football fields which drive the guys crazy LOL

His face!!

Tadaa!!! We are the first to get our dinner in Cafe 2010. The fish fillet tasted yucky coz it is dry and they really use the real whole fish for the fish fillet LOL I didnt eat it>< The DRY noodle which we first thought is spaghetti was complained by us in which they didnt gave us sauce for it.lol But then we poured tomato soup on it which tasted not bad haha The portion is reallly MASSIVE as I normally eat just the fillet fish for one meal but this includes salad and tomato soup and pizza and noodles* LOL Was given the id and password for wifi and straight away everyone get to surf through phone. Sim card not yet arrived and everyone was a bit unhappy coz it was promised earlier><

Their salad taste incredibly weird also. I took a lot coz I thought it is some preserved fruit with sour taste but turned out no taste one.

We went back to our room to bath and rest after our dinner. However timidly I dont dare to bath therefore waited for Jareil to finish bathing and invited her over hahaa Went to her place after bathing for movie session but fell asleep on her bed immediately coz toooo tired. hahaha :))



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