Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[ LUSU #DAY 1 ] Here We Go!! :)

Depart from KLIA at 2am on Saturday 21th July ^^ Have been packing my stuff my luggage for one whole week, and at last its THE DAY!! ^^ After fetching CK at 9.30pm we left for the airport. I brought one XL size luggage there worrying that my luggage would exceed the limit of 30kg coz its REALLY HEAVY. Luckily turns out it is 21 kg heavy.whoosh>< haha Hurray!! Off we go!! Mingweee!!!

My luggage is that most bottom one.hoho

My parents just left me at the airport with CK after a few hugs. haih miss home a little bit ady..

Checked in.Was inside the place where we can shop.Saw this cool collection of aeroplane models.

and these cuteeeeee vodka haha

My first meal on the plane!! I am boarding Emirates to Manchester with a transit in Dubai. Emirates is soo cool that it has lots of movies and games and musics to play with on the plane! I watched New Year Eve and This Means War on the flight to Dubai. The six hours flight is driving me crazy coz I can't sit well and my legs cramp till I have to switch my pose a lot in every few minutes. The space is quite small. I can't sleep well as I the seat is too high for me and therefore I slept on Mingwee's shoulder haha And since then she complained to me that she has shoulder pain haha

I chose rendang prawn for my second meal haha

HI!!We reached Dubai at 5am Dubai time! Talked to YJ and .. haha

A bronze cool camel wuuuu 

Pretty Tropicana garden at the middle of the airport.

Smoking lounge. Saw a line of women sitting outside probably waiting for their husband or boyfie to finish their unhealthy 'meal'. LOL

Saw this cute pastries shop at Duabi Airport. Expensive :S

I see chocolate!!!! :D 

Here we go again!! Another 7 hours flight to Manchester!!

Going in!! Ming Hui with le rabbit^^

My third meal on the plain! So nice croissant with chicken breast meat and with ham and with cheese!

My 4th meal on the plane. No more kambing rendang TT  chicken with weird peas.lol

White wine!!! CK recommended us this. But after one sip I straight away ewwwwww. Cant take it><

I accidentally poured the rest of the wine on my fren's camera bag.LOL

This is the small tv cute right?? I watched Ratatouille and Gone on this flight. haha


First time meeting Louis (the girl in blue LUSU top and mini skirt) ^^


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