Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ethiopian queens @ Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant (日本海)

If you are wondering, this post will be on Candice's birthday and her name means Ethiopian queens. HAHA

Audit Presentation ^^

Birthday celebration after our presentation at Nihon Kai!!!! 

Meow <3

HAHA oops sorry junrong 

Cuteeeeee sushi cake for our birthday girl!!!

The sushi Cake!! One slice per person. With tuna salmon octopus and moreeee YUMMS 

Loveeee ramenn <3

Free sushi tower too!!! 

Forgot what am I laughing ady leaa><

Spot me and jariel behind HAHAA we were playing like KIDS lol

The queen's leg could be bend into heart shape!!!

I am the centre of attraction!! muahahah No lar HAHA i came out last from the toilet  XP

Had fun!! :D

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Randy said...

walao so funny la your last caption...aiyo can't wait to see you tomorrow, miss u so sampatXD muacks