Sunday, June 10, 2012

BOBO's Farewell.

 Planned a  surprise farewell for her HAHA brought her to gei dak sek after meeting those guys at manajalara.LOL

Had our steamboat at Manjalara!! :))

Free piece of cake because we helped to sing birthday song for strangers from the other table.LOL

I look tiny beside bobo. HAHAHA

Closed my eyes in this picha but i like this one more than the upstairs that one.LOL

Girls~ Friendship forever!! :D

Ethiopian queens @ Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant (日本海)

If you are wondering, this post will be on Candice's birthday and her name means Ethiopian queens. HAHA

Audit Presentation ^^

Birthday celebration after our presentation at Nihon Kai!!!! 

Meow <3

HAHA oops sorry junrong 

Cuteeeeee sushi cake for our birthday girl!!!

The sushi Cake!! One slice per person. With tuna salmon octopus and moreeee YUMMS 

Loveeee ramenn <3

Free sushi tower too!!! 

Forgot what am I laughing ady leaa><

Spot me and jariel behind HAHAA we were playing like KIDS lol

The queen's leg could be bend into heart shape!!!

I am the centre of attraction!! muahahah No lar HAHA i came out last from the toilet  XP

Had fun!! :D

2 Crazies @ Dreamz Bakery, Kota Damansara

BOBO is leaving. Nono. She left! This zi mui gathering is made for her before she leaave. Dreamz Bakery!! 

Cuteeee stamps for us to write lovely notes :))

Cappocinooooo or latte? see the print? cuteeeee <3

written notes can be clipped on the wall there! 


niceeeeeee :)

posers hahaa

i write one!!!hahaa

super nicee i misss it :(

hahaha 2 craziesssss

love joey's flats. like the colour ><

Have fun over there and take care bobo :))))