Sunday, April 1, 2012

Semester Seven

Ah time flies. I started my class last week and fortunately I get a day off every week coz I have NO class on  Mondayss! Wuhhoo Get to rest for three days in a roll every week this semester! wonderful :D Here, I wanted to introduce the new members of my family, eight spongebobs on call! A VERY niceeee friend of mine recruited them all by buying happy meals in MCD and generously give it to me! hiak hiak hiak :))hapi :)))))

meet them!! haha they are sticked in a box in rows when I open the box lol

love this astronaut the most because...

its whole face lighted up when I pressed the button behind! cuteeeeeeeeeeee I can play with him whole night =__=


my diamond- rose ear piece i bought frm daiso recently nicee!


my lecture notes for this sem. I drew a cover page for all of

corporate finance :)))

audit & assurance

advance management accounting

financial and corporate reporting (FCR)

Ahh. Still in holiday mood and I am watching a lot of dramas>< Vampire diaries, big bang theory,pretty little liars, love rain, the rooftop prince blablabla........ should I even start Bones or Fringe? lol oh btw The Hunger Game rocks! Downloaded its pdf file and I am reading it! :)))

Stefen :))))

Klaus looks quite cute one although he is the bad guy XP

>< Damon <33

Life could be confusing and pathetic but keeping my head high not crying biting my lips is the best way to go through all of this. Looking back to what had happen on me, I have trouble making decisions considering all these might have the chance to tear me apart. Somehow one of my choices is to keep a distance with everything that might contribute to any possibilities of events that would make me fall. fair enough? lol

Thats all for now. Keep in touch, my bloggie :))))) XOXO

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Jessie said...

so many spongebobs! hehehehe