Monday, March 5, 2012


hi guys! lots of stuff going on recently. hmn imma share some spontaneous stuff with u guys.:D lets start with my internship.I will be ending my internship in a week.One more week then I will be free!! Free from being stuck in the office and jam everyday :D But i will miss being busy thou.Feel good being a workaholic.not alcoholic.haha Ah i remember wasting half a pint of hoegaarden because i found it btw I will miss my colleagues and clients very much!! D:

can u spot me? hehe love this team <3

oh ya btw my evaluation from my seniors are awesome.^^ so lucky i get to hold some files and i learnt quite a lot :D at least better than doing admin work doing photostatting or sticking reinforcement ring.LOL hmn have been thinking about my future already recently. most probably i will be studying acca.damn so fast.I will be graduating next year for god's sake =.= nah I wana go overseas!! Have to study really hard to get good results so that my parents would be convinced to send me to UK! really really really really hope it will happen>< it suck to get stuck in the same place forever. Maybe after my acca I wun't wana come back or hopefully I can secure a job in Singapore? shh lol hmnn and imma save my money to travel from now on.hehe 2 more months I will be 21! next post: beng and june's birthday :)

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