Saturday, February 18, 2012

chap goh meh & aj's surprise party @ Sushi Zanmai & De Pastry Chef Cake & Cafe

Planned a surprise partyy celebration. #failed one.coz they cheat us back.ahh long story =__=

 zanmai for lunch at 1u! 


 dinner at de pastry.XP

tadaa~~~surprise!!!! =.=

plan failed coz we are supposed to hide in her hse b4 she gets home.but she surprised us by hopping out from her room while we are preparing instead.=__=

cute birthday present :) spot me?lol

girls <3

love you guys SO MUCHIE :) frens forever!!! :)

family means no one gets left behind

cny gathering and visiting with my secondary schoolmates :) Yaolin fetch all kepong kias to our first stop :ahbeng's house -->zhizhi -->haoche's hse XD

zhi zhi 's hse! its awesome when everyone gets together^^

supre love this pic!!<3

spicy ban mee!!!

haoche's hse! :)

had bak kut teh for dinner

good luck guys :)