Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boxing Day :) @ Poco Zakka Sunway Giza

Boxing day!! Out again to meet Eva because she is back from India! BTW, so happy I had 3 days off ! Only on the 3rd week of my intern I am ady exhausted. >< I suggested Poco Zakka Sunway Giza because I am ady sick of going 1u every single day.However, we still went there after our lunch.=__=

a mok's korean style look hehe

Our Eva! :)


Finished every single udon mee in my bowl! love udon mee XD


i am the shortest ><

haha now the tallest lol

amok teaching kauze how to grab the apples

Being short, I cant actually see what they do so I was just starring up high at the apples =__=

poser lol

met neng xiang!

again using my camera to camwhore lol

starring at the globes: why so dirty onee

Can you find me?^^

bubble tea long live!

lovely ^^

thats all :) I want to be happy and I will be happy and I am going to be happy.:)

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