Saturday, January 28, 2012


Invited sakais to my house to bake something.Chocolate cookies chocolate brownies cheeseyy rice! At first it was only 5 of us but then kauze called me out of boredom and i was like why not get more helpers haha 8 maniacs trying to ruin my kitchen lol I didnt know guys are more picky then me till i shop for ingredients with them =_=

recipe i found online LOL

 joey melting the chocolate

 had to post this coz this is funi lol

 a little bit geli lol

our first experiment: it was like this 

 and then it became like this =_______________=


discussing what to do next LOL why turn out liddis one???

another batch of cookies

not bad wad :)

icing time!



our brownie batter

love u guys :)


yay! turns out fruitful coz all of them taste not bad :) happy!!

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