Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taiwan Trip Day 1 - 22/12/12 [飞牛牧场, 彰化八卦山大佛寺, 逢甲夜市]

Just came back from this 8 days trip in Taiwan. My family bought this package trip at MATTA Fair few weeks ago and tadaaaaa off we go!! It has been a long time since we travel overseas since 2008 to China :D  And this was our first time to Taiwan!! Eggcited! Our flight was at about 1.30am on friday and we reach there at about 6am in the morning! The first day was quite tiring because we are starting our Taiwan tour as soon as we reach there without proper rest.

The tour bus stop at a rest station before departing to the Flying Cow Ranch (飞牛牧场) :) We had our breakfast there :D Taiwan's convenient store was really convenient where they sell lots of ready cooked food. Sausages! Pau!!!

Chinese Tea Eggs!

They have this steamboat like meatballs too! In a convenient stall LOL 

In Szechuan style also got lol Saw fish cake and pig blood (the black ones) too :D

We bought some meatballs to try and it tasted a bit tasteless hahaa 

And their pau also tasteless hahaa Malaysians are too picky and love food with heavier taste haha

They could even have their duck meat in these instant noodles! Gonna try next time haha

-Flying Cow Ranch 飞牛牧场 -

Tadaa we reached the flying cow ranch after 1 hour bus ride!!^^

First we went in DIY room to handmade milk ice cream!! :D

The place where the friendly teachers demonstrate us :D

While waiting for other people to arrive. Our trip this time consist of three buses of people approximately 80 members :D

The cute classroom with tables and ingredients :D

 The ingredients would be the milk(small container), whipped cream (the bigger container) and some sugar :D

First pour the whipped cream, milk and some sugar inside the metal bowl and stir it ~

Then, we are asked to pour our mixture in a -20 celcius condensate pot (冷凝鍋)and then in this plastic container...

And then we are asked to turn the handle for about 25 minutes hahaaa The watery mixture would gradually condense and turned into our milk ice cream!!!

The result!!! Yummeehh!! :D

Yummyy soft ice cream!!! :D

Yummy!!! It has a heavy milky taste! Really really yummy!!!

Cheese! Everyone was happy :D

We finished the whole tub of ice cream haha

Later we went for a walk around the ranch.


The fruits on the beer barrel was real!!! Omg Initially we thought the fruits and vegetables on the barrels are fake once because they look so pretty but then found out all of them are fresh fruits and vegetables! loll


A milk shop :D

We get to have a free milk drink :D Our tour guide distributing our milk!

Malt flavour milk! Some of them thought that it was a chocolate flavour milk and therefore asking for a original flavour milk hahaaa 

Seriously this was yummeh! Super like the strong malt flavour!! I drank two hahaha I love milk :D

Us :D 

Continue our walk :D


And then we saw these cutie goats!!! :D

Are you human? #confused face hahaha

Our tour guide bought us some goat food to feed them and I was one of the few to try hahaha I love goats :P Mehhhhhhh~

It was so ticklish because the goats typically use their tongues to lick their food haha Eww my whole hand was wet by their saliva hahaah



Chicks!!! Cuteee!!! :D

Milk feeding :D

Lots of mehhh~~^^

Quack Quackkk~~

hahaha so funny :P

Feeding these Barbados black belly sheep with grass heheee :D

The grass must be yummeh hmnnn

Off we go for lunch !! :D


My group! hahaa spot me? ^^

We are having our lunch here!! :D

Their menu! 

Our dishes! Wuhoooo :D Our first meal in Taiwan would be the milk meal (牛奶餐)

Our milk steamboat (金沙牛奶锅) !! So special!!

Wuu The meat has a heavy milk taste ^^ I like their milky soup hehe But my parents found it weird haha

Smooth teamed egg  :)

cold scezhuan style fried chicken 和风椒麻鸡

Steamed fish! :D

Sweet and sour chicken similar to Malaysia ones 

Salt and pepper crispy shrimp (椒盐咸酥虾) I dun really like it hahaa taste weird for me :P

After lunch we went off to Zhang Hua temple  彰化八卦山大佛寺~


Stone lion! My tour guide mentioned that stone lion with a ball is normally a male one and those with baby stone lions will be a female :)

Cute stalls inside the temple :)

Barbeque cuttlefish :)

Big big huge egg omg><

Ostrich egg sooo big and white @@

Should have try one haha but seriously how big will the egg yolk be yummeh><

Our tour bus! :D

- At last our next stop : Feng Jia Night Market 逢甲夜市-

Our tour guide told us that 逢甲夜市 is famous for its 大肠包小肠 and 猪血糕 :D

This is the famous 官芝霖 (Guan zhi lin) 大肠包小肠 in 逢甲夜市^^

官芝霖 (Guan zhi lin) 大肠包小肠 is a type of sausage where they wrap it with sticky glutinous rice^^ Yummeh!!

We bought the wasabi and garlic flavour. Both tasted not bad I wanted to try it again next time! :D

We also tried Taiwanese Smelly Tofu ! Not as smelly as our Malaysian Stink Tofu :D

This is their version of Stink Tofu not bad I think! :D

We also tried this 炒面面包 introduced by 时尚玩家 ^^

Long queue I waited for 30mins><

They stir fry the mee on the spot and served it with freshly baked bread. Tasted abit weird for me haha Maybe because I eat it cold hmn if it was served hot it would be better hmn

Huge prawns! :D

Bear paw in Taiwan :D

Another type of food introduced by our tour guide the pig blood (猪血糕) heheee It is situated at the street where all the clothes are sold :)

Taiwanese specialties hohooo It is made from a little bit pig blood and most of it was the glutinous rice. It was served with peanuts in the outer part. It tasted ok for me only, a bit weird haha 

逢甲夜市has two main street and one of it was selling all the night food while the other was selling clothes and shoes. The clothes there was far cheaper than 西门町 and I managed to buy 2 pair of shoes there. Boots for only RM39 omaigod>< I will visit there for shopping again for sure :D After that we went back to our hotel for some rest :D