Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sepang Road Trip 1 @ Bukit Jugra lighthouse :)

Yay! Another one day trip! Wuhoo! Grateful my buddies could bear with me when i suggested to change our presentation day so that we can go Sepang! Hehe :) I wanted to go Sepang Gold Coast Beach since long long time ago and tada~we went there hoho

This is our itinery haha

First stop: Bukit Jugra near Banting ^^
There's an awesome lighthouse up there where I drove up to the hill on a winding road. It's like the road to genting, very scary but luckily it is just a few minutes to the top^^ Btw, did i mention I was the one who was driving? haha

 The awesome scenery up there. Some ppl came here for paragliding.:)

Beautiful lightings make the river shinning.See? The river is beautiful! Awesome on the spot!^^

 A breathtaking place and a pavilion ! :)

 Ke Xin mei mei ^^

 Me and Jareil with couple dress haha

 And I got pregnant there haha

Group Photo 1!

Group Photo 2!

Group Photo 3 ! Its super windy up there LOL

Group photo 4!

Eagle spotted XP

 Saw some cows when I was driving down the hill haha

 See his bones?O.O

 Niu Da Ge crossing the road haha

Spot the calf over there staring at us? XP

Thats all for this post! Haha 

Next Post: Morib Beach! XD ^^

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