Thursday, September 22, 2011


cadbury diary milk bar <3

Addicted to chocolates. But this cadbury is too sweet for me. :S A bar a day keeps my emo-ness away. XP

Friday, September 16, 2011

Qiqi's 21 years old birthday celebration :)

happy belated birthday :)

on the way to bangsar village i to meet jareil :)

having lunch and celebration at Plan B ^^ awesome hospitality

super love the ambiance there^^ super comfortable and cosy ^^

delicate little place for teatime ^^ we spent our whole afternoon here XP

their staffs are very friendly too XD

too bright~i duno how to adjust the settings of my cam :s

my iced mocha~rich favourite ^^

siciliana spaghetti. I love this one. Taste awesome with the anchovies and garlic.awesome^^

their well known benjamin egg. love their sauce with the half cooked egg^^

fish burger

thumbs up! its fish fillet is so thick and juicy :D


jareil :D

See? its fish fillet super satisfying ^^

tadaa~qi's birthday cake XD special ? We decorate ourselves with marshmallow and love letters.LOL

We asked the the staffs to help us out with our celebration surprise.They took the cake and we intended to surprise qiqi by asking them a favor to take out the cake unexpectedly. And turns out 4 of us were so shocked because all the staff in the restaurant sang the birthday song so loudly while the cake was taken out.LOL Everyone in the shop was staring at us man.LOL so cool and eggciting and exaggerate LOL 

nice group photo :D

making a wish :)

focus on the wrong gurl XP

some kind of chocolate bar with chocolate marshmallow topping :D

banana cake with nuts

raisin scone with super super rich butter taste

our birthday present- a key necklace :D

another birthday voucher-edited by me haha

happy belated birthday qiqi <3

-the end-