Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tofu's farewell :)

Tofu is in Canada already>< Wuiseh We girls gathered together for cheong k session at CEO @ Fahrenhite!! Awesomeeee!

Having dinner in Tokyo Street after 6 hours singing like mad hehe

I started jumping..

 And then these are the 3 copy cats LOL

 3 idiots LOL

 muacks tofu :)

 We are in TOKYO!! hahaa

We took this video playing around in Tokyo Street. Ahhhh love this video :)

 nice but expensive :s

A funny and memorable we took for you tofu~:)

For you my love~~tofu :) have fun over there :)

Photos credit to tofu and joey

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*JacQueliNe* said...

i want to make a big love with you guys too! :)