Monday, August 15, 2011

5D4N Sabah Trip with Tofu:Day 1 ♥ Langkah Syabas Hotel @ Kinarut ♥

Overwhelmed. I am totally up in the sky.Wuhoo~ Still eggcited when I reminisce my trip to Sabah with Tofu. Heheee :) I bought the ticket planning to go Sabah with a bunch of Sunway Uni friends last year but my gurlfriends ffk me at the end>< They dumped me and went UK.Aih.haha At last I found one of my bestest friend to join me for this awesome KK trip!! Heheee tadaa~Tofu~ She's so sporting to book the airticket last minute to join me.Yay!! hehe Without her I might give up going KK most probably already>< We booked our hotels ourselves and planned our own itinerary. Like a real backpacker.Awesome right??? ^^

Flying alone on the way to KK. :) I was flying Air Asia while Tofu was flying Firefly. I have to wait for like 3 hours in the airport>< I slept in Dunkin Donuts while waiting.hahaha

Tadaa~ We took a cab to Langkah Syabas Beach Resort in Kinarut>< Waiting at the lobby :)

Our stuff XP

Cute old doggie who stayed there a few years ady.It had eyesight problem><

Tadaa~~Our twin room.haha nice right? Not cheap but we gurls really know how to relax and enjoy life.loll Super comfortable><

Our 38 tofu <3

toilet XP

Tadaa~~the corner lot is oursss!!! :) Soo nice and osome and comfortable and and NAISSSS :)

Ours ^^ Staying here for 2 nights :)

I gonna fly~up up to the sky~lol

A few sheep can be found wandering around our chalet. I like animals but these look so scary>< Like the sheep in the movie "black sheep" >< Their fur greyish one>< 

Tofu snapped a pic of me when I was frightened by the sheep when it look up suddenly when it was eating the grass.LOL

Their beach is a little bit dirty but overall okay la. :)

Spot the crab hehe

We have a breathtaking walk at the beach.hehe

Guess what am I doing?

Draw a crabby hehe

Nice a not my drawing? XD

Tofu's turn. A female octopus which has poisonous tentacles which teaches the others how to sing. (according to tofu) ahhaaha

She gave up drawing tentacles for her.haha see? only one leg got poisonous tentacles.LOL

Added a coconut tree.XP

HAHA 2 gurls drawing at the beach. The crabby with a coconut tree of same height.

A female octopus with a ribbon.LOL


We made a fortress for those tiny living creatures who live inside sea shells.

Our heartshape fortress.LOL see? We catch a lot of seashells with living creatures and keep them here.><

Making my fortress more stable>< hahaa

In the evening ♥ 

I am just using a normal camera><  Seriously if you are there with us, its like in the heaven.

Can you see the sunset? Its awesome and adorable :)

Tadaa~let you see what we have got here ^^

3 crabbies.♥  one at the 11 oclock. one at 9 oclock.and one 5 o clock. do you see them? They run so fast and we are able to catch only 3 the whole

Back to our home sweet home. hehe

Pig face♥ 


Energetic tofu lol We are heading for dinner already^^

My cool camera took this. So damn cool ehh!!!! We are having dinner in Langkah Syabas Restaurant. At a balcony where we can hear pretty swooshing sounds of waves at the sea nearby.♥ 

♥ Romantic dinner with Tofu ♥ 

Our fruit juice><


My sabah curry chicken. Too big portion.><

My set dinner^^

Tofu's spaghetti :)

After dinner we are playing at the corridor from the restaurant to our room.XP

Tofu's 回眸一笑. i tried but i dunt have the potential.HAHA

Camwhoring in our own room HAHA



Casley said...

backpack is real fun! btw the pics are awesome, sweetie.. what camera r u using? wakaka n the drawings r very cute lor!

Hilda Milda™ said...

:O at the big big swimming pool! i would soak myself whole day inside. how much is it for a night?

framichele said...

Thank you for the lot of pictures about this resort: very nice :-)