Friday, August 19, 2011

5D4N Sabah Trip with Tofu:Day 4♥ Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park ♥

Early in the morning we packed everything and get ready to leave Rainforest Lodge.>< It bit tofu everywhere at her legs, her hands.everywhere. >< The bedbugs i mean. Ughh The night before while I woke up in the midnight I saw Tofu sitting beside the dressing table. Starring at me. Scratching her body. lol She seriously freak me out. She let me see those bumps which came out of no where all over her body and then let me see the blood stained tissues.>< She said she killed like 5 bedbugs already. She cant sleep because its so itchy while I am sleeping on the full of bedbugs bed like a pig>< duhh >< Leaving the Rainforest Lodge, we came across this Sarangnova Hotel. Nice! Delicate little room ngam ngam for both of us :)

Not bad right? We should have stay here. Some more the prices dont have much difference

After settling everything we went snorkeling!!! XD

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park consists of 5 islands. There are Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. To reach these island, we went to Jesselton Point, a jetty which is situated in the KK city, which we took 10mins walk from Sarangnova Hotel to get there. We were told that there's not much restaurant or any food sold in the island so we kind of ta bao some Sabah specialties, Roti Kahwin there for lunch.haha We decided to go for 4 islands, which are Pulau Sapi, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik. Honestly, its enough to go for 3 islands because normally no one wants to go Pulau Gaya.LOL Nothing over there. lolll We rent flippers, life jacket and snorkel mask , and then off we go!! :) Island hopping!!! Snorkeling for my very first time ^^

Jesselton Point waiting for our boat. cost us rm40 for 4 pulau.

Bye bye KK city ^^

First Stop: Pulau Sapi

The water is so clear that all the fishes can be seen from the surface!!!

Second Stop : Pulau Gaya

Third Stop: Pulau Mamutik

Last Stop: Pulau Manukan

~End of the island hopping trip~

Actually right, all of the islands have similar scenery and going one is We saw a lot of sea urchins, nemo, colourful fishes, angry fish which keep on bitting tofu (HAHA) and lots of colourful corals. I am scared of corals><

Yay~ Back to KK city>< Stomach growling LOL Hungry

Love this shop selling tarts and puffs. Just nearby our hotel.I ate their egg tart

Later we had dinner with my bunch of Sunway friends. Their bbq chicken wing rocks!!!!!>< Its beside Fu Yuen Hawker Centre.^^ Later we went Waterfront again.


End of day 4. :)

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Hello :) Come and visit Sabah again to figure more awesome places in here... hehehehe be sure to try the restaurant in your food list which you didn't managed to...