Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5D4N Sabah Trip with Tofu:Day 3♥ Tanjung Aru ♥ Waterfront Dinner @ 田老爷海鲜店 ♥

Third day staying in Langkah Syabas>< Will miss this place soon. I miss this place so much already. Too relaxing and comfortable and heavenly awesome.>< We will be going to town to stay in another lodge at Gaya Street called Rainforest Lodge. We heard good reviews from my boyfriends who dropped by at our hotel yesterday. Boooooo!!!!! Rainforest Lodge sucks.>< Totally hell for us.>< Will tell you all later><

Having our last breakfast in Langkah Syabas. :)

me trying to pull tofu our of the bed.LOL

posing with tofu's cute flower clip haha


Yay~on the way to Tanjung Aru :)


A fortress we made heheee

Queen at the centre.surrounded by seaweeds haha

dead crabby we found><
Have a little peek~

we bought this salak madu at the

it taste awful><like unripe has the siap siap taste>< At last we exchange them with we have no idea how to eat it><

Here's the buah salak madu review for you LOL

tadaa~our rainforest lodge>< its bed is full of bedbugs which made our dear tofuu cannot sleep whole nite><

The stupid bed bugs bite tofu till she cant sleep>< While me, the pig snore soundly not feeling sleeping deadly. but she told me that while i was sleeping i keep scratching my body>< evilllllll rainforest lodge :(

Later then we took bus to Inanam to search for food but everything is closed:( Those hawker centres closed so early :( In the end we walk to Waterfront to see the night view :)

see the sun? awesomeeeeee><

merdekaaa!!!malaysia boleh XD Hehee

Love the colour of the sky>< We cant see this in KL right?>< all we can see in the evening is the traffic jam :s

sunset <3

waterfront is a place where seafood restaurants are located. it has this balcony like bridge where tourists and couples and families went there to enjoy the sunset.:)

Byebye sun sun :)

Waterfront peek a boo~

Our dinner at 田老爷海鲜店 :) introduced by a very friendly auntie selling sang yuk mee.haha
this awesome clams they call them "sa bai" awesome big and juicy!!!

Yun choi with 3 types of egg>< I love thisssss><

Hahaaa hungry tofu><

Half kg 3 dishes for 2 girls. What do you think? 3 3 dishes are awesome>< Sure will go there again if I go Sabah again.!! HEHE

Lets us introduce you all our luxurious meal hehe

Tooo awesome we finish everything we had ^^

Nahh~ told you this is big. Its one wing already the size of the sauce plate. awesomeeee><

Tenom mee for our supper. My sabah friend ahliao took us to taste this special thingy. Hmn.. It taste like yee mee with losts of egg and meat.Like dry wat tan hor><

Their dumplings are AWESOME too!!! Its fillings are different with KL's. And i dunt know dumplings can be eaten as This one is soup dumpling.

I like fried dumpling more.awesomeeeee dipped with vinegar and ginger.AWESOMEEE>< why KL dunt have this onee??? i miss their dumpling>< :(


XCB said...

kl gt fried sumpling! haha i like it also,those sold by chinaman very nais one

Hilda Milda™ said...

You can get buah salak in sarawak too, yeah the siap siap taste is its uniqueness actually. I like it though :P

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

nice trip here! =]

Kian Fai said...

so cute hehe yet got heavy eye bag, no enough sleep? :P

bila cheng me dumplings?