Monday, August 15, 2011

5D4N Sabah Trip with Tofu:Day 2♥ Langkah Syabas Hotel @ Kinarut & lunch @ Gaya Street ♥

The second day of our Sabah trip.Planning to go Gaya Street for lunch by mini bus. We set our alarm 7 in the morning but both of us refuse to get up.LOL We missed the sunrise>< But i thought that we cant see it even though we got up early because if we are able to see the sunset at the beach, the sunrise is supposed to be at the other side of the beach right?maybe Sipadan? We arent supposed to see sunset and sunrise at the same beach right? idea><haha

morning beach :) Lovely~

Jumping shots~haha

Checked if our crabbies were dead anot.loll They are stuck in this bottle in our air con room whole night.

Our buffet breakfast^^

My first round~awesomeeee><

me XP

dear dear~~i dunlike beans><

can you see our reflections?haha

I love this sausage!!! like taiwan sausage!!! i ate like 5 LOL

haha 18xx >< Found this outside the toilet><

my dear dear and me^^

blue-ie today :) my everlast^^

blueblue sky :)

giant tofu eats coconut><

After breakfast we took mini bus to kota kinabalu city. :) in kk right, their mini bus is a

 I am so familliar with public buses in KK city We took a mini bus from Kinarut to Wawasan ( KK bus termimal),  and then city bus to Gaya Street <3

Tadaaa~~~Wuhooo~ This is what they call Sang Yuk Mee :) Only available in Sabah. ^^

Its soup taste awesomeee!!!!

They have this pork meat, intestine, liver everything.and their intestine have this sandy thingy inside one. I think they did not clean them properly>< Or they get used to eat like 

Our buns.We are addicted to Sabah buns. Soft and tasty >< Bought a lot for our dinner.XD

Yummyyyy hehe

See Tofu is enjoying the sang yuk mee>< haha

Videos introducing our superlicious lunch for you all that you all will never wanna miss it><

Later then we take bus tack to our hotel in Kinarut^^

Enjoying our evening waiting for the sunset ^^

Let you all see some weird looking creatures:

snail like thingy>< eww..><

my footprints haha

Who's skinnier? HAHA

Before we let go our cutie crabbiess, we made a video for you all~ XP

Turned out we cant kayak because we forgot that the sea was in low tide in the evening and there's no water for us to kayak.yerr>< so stupid><

We released our hostage to the sea. The 3 crabbies LOL

Last look of the crabbies XP

Say bye crabbies>< We also caught 2 mudskipper yesterday but release them this morning. They are like dying LOL maybe because we put them in an air con room.>< Poor mudskipper><

relaxing :)


take 1

take 2

 take 3

 take 4

 take 5

 take 6

 awesome sunset>< go here and see urself. soo nice><


 double moon? hmn..

I had the mountain on my bare hands ♥ LOL

Too hungry><

I am so strong and muscular to hold a coconut tree ><

hahahahaa ballet?

Our dinner~Herbal Chicken from Gaya Street~

Having our night watching movies and reality shows in the hotel. Tofu has this stomachache and I asked her to stay in the toilet whole night to see if something eggciting coming Either she drank some dirty water from the swimming pool or she ate some unhygienic food, maybe those buns or sang yuk mee>< Hmn..Aniway~ We slept soundly that nite>< Last night in Langkah Syabas Hotel>< Our nightmare is reaching us.><

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Hilda Milda™ said...

Love the first, second third shot~ As if you guys own the whole beach :P no people one heh nice sunset!